Hamtramck, rock city.

9 stops · 7 hrs by Walking
Created by Zak Pashak

Party afternoon. Hamtramck once had more bars per capita than anywhere in the US, and there are still some great ones. Do this tour on a Friday sometime after 3:00pm and don't plan on doing anything else that day.


Polish Village Cafe

2990 Yemans St

Load up on dill pickle soup and pierogi. Start your day of drinks with a Zywiec (Polish beer).


Whiskey in the Jar

2741 Yemans St

Take a short walk over to Whiskey in The Jar. If its your first time there and they will give you a shot of Jezynowka (Polish blackberry brandy). PBR is served four ways here.


Lo & Behold! Records & Books

10022 Joseph Campau

You will want to stay at Whiskey, but you can go back. It's time to go buy some records or books. 11am-6pm Monday-Friday, talk to Richie, one of Detroit's best dudes.


Painted Lady Lounge

2930 Jacob St

Walk the nine short blocks or so down Campau, it's a nice walk and will clear your head. You can look in at the Polish delis and shops on the way. The bar opens after 6 and the staff may be hungover and/or late. You may feel like you walked into someone's weird living room- but they warm up.


Cafe 1923

2287 Holbrook

Walk back up a short ways to get here before they close at 9 for a shot of espresso before continuing on your boozy way. Note the giant Kowalski sausage sign across the street.


Polish Sea League

2601 Edwin Street

A fine example of a Hamtramck house/bar to stop in for a drink as you make your way back toward Caniff.


Royal Kabob (Option1)

3236 Caniff

If you are hungry again eat here. Excellent middle eastern food and fresh juices. Have some hummus and try the lentil soup with lemon.


Paycheck's Lounge (Option2)

2932 Caniff

Because you don't need food, just a quick shot and to keep moving. This is the definition of a dive bar. Sometimes bands play here.



10339 Conant

This legendary venue is where you want to end the night. There may be a cover- pay it- the bands are always excellent as is the crowd. You've done good work on this crawl, have some rootbeer vodka and say hi to Melody if she isn't too busy.