Weird & Wonderful Walking Tour of Corktown

10 stops · 1 hr by Walking
Created by Jerry Paffendorf

On and off the beaten path of North & South Corktown, with some of the smile-worthy quirks, head-scratchers, mysteries, and ZOMG AMAZINs.


The Fabulous Fabled Fish of North Corktown

Cochrane & Ash

A landed fish in a pocket park by sculptor Tom Rudd. Maybe he's hiding from Monumental Kitty?



Monumental Kitty

Trumbull & 75

Detroit's #1 American brick anime lolcat. The avatar of a resurgent North Corktown. Stop by and say "O hai!" Note what's growing around it is cat nip. Sculpture by local artist Jerome Ferretti.



The Mysterious Meditating Chickens of Church Street

Church & Trumbull

Legend has it they walk the streets at night...



Leprechaun in the Hood

Michigan & Wabash

Leprechaun in the Hood graffiti by SINTEX.



Spider-Man Station

Michigan & 17th

Look closely at this modest vacant gas station/garage and you will find not one, but two illustrations of your favorite web slinger.



Alley Bird

Michigan & 18th

A folk art birdosaurus in the alley behind Izzy's Raw Art gallery. (<-- see the gallery too)



"No Vacancy" sign on a vacant hotel

Michigan & 14th

A neon sign by the hygienic dress league street art team. Originally there were solar panels on the roof of the abandoned Roosevelt Hotel that powered the sign (it flashed pink), but then weather destroyed them (multiple times) and scrappers stole the wiring and batteries.



Utopia Auto Parts

Michigan & 15th

Someone modified the fallen down letters in an AUTO PARTS sign to read UTO PIA. Time has taken its toll on it, but you can still see the painted modifications.



Teeny Tiny House With Giant Front Yard In Front of Giant Train Station

Wabash & Dalzelle

I heard a rumor that the city accidentally knocked down the house that used to be in the front yard instead of knocking down the teeny tiny house in the back, which still stands, surrounded by bigboy houses with Michigan Central Station in the background.



Michigan Central Station "Secret" Grass Hideout

2001 15th St

In Roosevelt Park directly in front of Michigan Central Station there's a maze of tall grass in planters. In the middle of it is a nice big, clean, open area. Go ahead and sit down there, lay back, and gaze up at the station. Works better at night and with friends...and maybe some wine or the booze of your choice.